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Dimensions: W24.5 x D24.5 x H24.5 cm

Net Weight: 180 grams
Main Material: Netting | Polyester
Mesh Size: 96 x 26 | 680 μm Aperture

Opening: 1 x Front Sleeve



External dimensions of flekcible with poles 303030 insect cage are only L30 x W30 x H30 cm, making it a perfect fit for lab selves with limited space.

The front panel of flek-pole-p-303030 insect rearing cage is of clear plastic for observing insect activity. Top panel and three side panels are of Polyester netting (96 x 26 mesh) for ventilation. Centered in the front panel is a sleeve opening (17 cm diameter) for adding or removing insects and for replacing food material. A thin strip is sewn across the ceiling from which to suspend objects such as feeders.

The framework of lightweight fiberglass makes flek-pole-p-303030 insect cage very easy to assemble. Simply use splints to connect poles. Moving flek-pole-p-303030 will not make it fall apart because the netting is sewn to perfectly match and hold the frame.


  • High quality HDPE plastics
  • Nylon/polysterine specially weaved nets
  • Easy and two minute assembly
  • Unending support for parts
  • Suitable to study insect biology
  • High visibility to document the events
  • Size: 30X30X30CM


You can view accessories for parts and replacements

Insect Rearing Cage flek-pole-p-303030

SKU: flek-pole-p-303030
    • Operating temperature of the cage: -10 to 60 C
    • When trying to take the assembled tent/cage apart, you may find a few poles locked to the connector. DO NOT FORCE THEM APART or you may rip the seam and damage the cage/tent completely. Instread, try finding a looser connection elsewhere in the cage or connector. 
    • Please call us if you have any issues in dismantling the cage. Please never attempt to remove the tightly locked connector poles forcefully, which may damange the cage.
    • You may wash the case in mild soap water or shampoo water. Do not use harsh chemicals for sterilization. Or you may slightly rub the cage or tent with sponge + water or sampoo. Ringe the cage in running tap water (do not twist the cage) and air dry.
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