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This frame-less clip cage is used to contain small insects like whiteflies on host plants. It is constructed of 150 x 150 mesh no-thrips screen bonded to two plastazote foam rings. The foam rings are placed on each side of the subject leaf under investigation. They are held in place by three splayed staples (as shown in the picture) that are inserted in the appropriate positions of each ring. The angled shape of the staple serves to clamp the rings snugly against the leaf. Four staples are supplied with each cage. Each ring has an outside dimension 60  x inner dimension of 40 x  with a height of 10 mm. Each of the clip cage sandwiches is provided with 6 units of clips for tight clipping the cage to reduce the escapees. The material is chosen such that pressing the rings against each other and clipping them can prevent 99% of accidental escapees that are confined to the experimental rings.

The colour of the foam ring might change between white and grey to black colour depending on the stock availability.

NOTE: Price is for each of the clip cage (a pair of identical units to sandwich the leaf) and minimum order to be made is 12 units.

Clip Cages - 4F2512

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