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The flekcible 303030  insect cage is very easy to assemble by simply connecting plastic poles with splints. The front panel of flek-f-303030 is of clear plastic for observing insect activity; the top and three side panels are of Polyester netting (96 x 26 mesh) for ventilation.  There is a 18-cm sleeve opening in the front panel for addition or removal of insects and for replacement of food material. Also the front pannel is sieved with a zipper opening for easy access to inner area of the cage.

The framework of flekcible 4s3030 insect cage is of lightweight fiberglass and constructed outside the enclosure. There are no places for insects to hide inside the cage.


  • High quality SS metal frame which can be folded and bended multiple time easily wihtout losing flekcibility in doing so  
  • Nylon/polysterine specially weaved nets
  • Easy assemble and dissemble. Takes less than 30 sec to assemble to dissemble
  • Suitable to study insect biology through general rearing of insects
  • High visibility to conduct entomological research

You can view accessories for parts and replacements

Mosquito Rearing Cage flek-pf-303030

SKU: flek-pf-303030
    • Operating temperature of the cage: -10 to 60 C
    • When trying to take the assembled tent/cage apart, you may find a few poles locked to the connector. DO NOT FORCE THEM APART or you may rip the seam and damage the cage/tent completely. Instread, try finding a looser connection elsewhere in the cage or connector. 
    • Please call us if you have any issues in dismantling the cage. Please never attempt to remove the tightly locked connector poles forcefully, which may damange the cage.
    • You may wash the case in mild soap water or shampoo water. Do not use harsh chemicals for sterilization. Or you may slightly rub the cage or tent with sponge + water or sampoo. Ringe the cage in running tap water (do not twist the cage) and air dry.
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